Profitec M54 Grinder


The Profitec M54 is a 54 mm stainless steel flat burrs, stepped espresso grinder that has a classic stainless steel look and grinds well. This is a relatively silent and powerful grinder that grinds a double shot of approximately 18g of coffee in about 11 seconds.

I have put this grinder to the test for two beverages: Filter and Espresso. It excels with espresso. Once you dial it in for your beans, you get consistent results shot after shot. Being a stepped grinder, you can kinda note down your settings if you’d like to switch between beans or from espresso to filter. That being said, it’s best to waste a dose or two to the bin first to “reset” the burrs, and only then proceed to grind coffee for your beverage.


Adjusting your stepped grinder is quite an easy task. The adjustment wheel is located under the hopper, you have to press the adjusting clip down and then rotate the wheel in whichever direction you see fit. When dialing espresso, you can rotate to the Espresso direction until you hear the burrs locked making a different moot kind of sound and then going back a couple of steps.

In my own experience, I found this grinder very straightforward in terms of convenience. Cleaning it up several times wasn’t too hard. The machine has a chute that comes off easily, providing access to clean up quickly.

Operating the machine is just a matter of pressing the portafilter against the grinder. The portafilter “fork” doesn’t allow you, however, to rest the portafilter without holding it. The distribution is fairly balanced and clean all around.

Subjective View

I received the Proftec M54 along with my Profitec 800 without knowing it was part of the bundle. I was generally quite pleased to use it for several weeks before selling it, and the reason I sold it is that I much rather prefer the Eureka Specialita over Profitec M54. I have gotten so used to my flawless red Specialita that exchanging it for a unit that does nothing better didn’t make any sense.

The Eureka Specialita has an LCD that lets me configure different grind times for a single and a double shot, plus allowing me to grind manually as well. Also, I much prefer the sound of the Specialita, too.

Single Dosing

I mean, you probably shouldn’t be single dosing with unmodded Specialita, but if you do, it’s much easier than with the Pro M54. Why? simple. The plastic bridge in the hopper helps popcorning and it’s far easier to play with in the Specialita. Additionally, you can mod the Specialita, there are many 3rd party products available online, whereas, I’m not sure there are any available for the M54 simply because of the fact it isn’t as popular.


Overall, the Profitec M54 is fairly priced. However, the Eureka Specialita costs around the same. Moreover, there are countless new, cool-featured grinders coming out every once in a while that are probably worth checking out. Just to name a few: Lagom P64 mini, DF83, DF64, Niche Zero, and others.

As always, I hope you found this bit helpful.

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