Normcore Scale Review: Easily One Of The Best Coffee Scales


TL;DR For You: This is a great coffee scale and I highly recommend it, I love it and I think you will, too!

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Long version A digital scale is an inexpensive tool for dialing in your espresso preparation, it’s a must-have especially when you’re getting a machine or a grinder, or even a new coffee. I’d argue that every beginner in the journey of becoming a home-barista should acquire a scale. Now, I don’t think you need to spend hundreds on the best scale available. That’s why I stopped with the Normcore, a small, relatively cheap scale from the Normcore brand. It looks sleek and cool, and most importantly it gets the job done. It has some quirks which we’ll get over shortly.

Overall, there isn’t much to say that’ll beat the Normcore and have you looking elsewhere. Perhaps, its price might not be within your budget for a small digital scale, and rightfully so, given the vast range of options available. However, I have gone through several cheap scales, and they either don’t last and break, or their quality wears overtime. If you’re after a cheap, $16 digital coffee scale, check Etekcity Digital Scale, it’s the ugliest but the best scale I have used prior to the Normcore scale. To be honest, the scale has been through a lot of rough outside-coffee-weighing usage by my wife, for various food recipes.

Speaking of Normcore scale…

One of the most important features that coffee hobbyist secretly love about digital coffee scales, is NO auto shutoff in the midst of weighing or making coffee. Unfortunately, some of the cheaper scales do shutoff after a brief period of inactivity. The Normcore Pocket Scale, turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity, which is great.

Roughly speaking, this isn’t the top grade scale but it feels quite premium and durable. And while I haven’t dropped anything serious on it to battle-test it, I have a feeling it’ll survive. As for my wife, she gets the old scale.

The silicone protective cover doubles as a handy heat-resistant pad. Its stand-out feature, though, has to be the simple-to-use,backlit LCD display—crisp, clear, and easy to read even in dimly lit conditions. And forget about frequent battery swaps; its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which provides up to 15 hours of use, turns off automatically to conserve power when not in use.

normcore scale

While it’s praised for its consistency in measurements, some users have noted occasional glitches with the power button—a minor hiccup that can typically be resolved with a quick reset. Despite that, the overall quality shines through, reinforced further by the stylish American walnut wood cover that gives it a distinctive aesthetic.

Bottom Line

For those who prize accuracy and style in the kitchen, the Normcore Scale doesn’t disappoint. Its precision, build quality, and design make it a top contender for anyone serious about their coffee-making endeavors.

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Overview of the Normcore Pocket Coffee Scale

I couldn’t feel more rewarded to upgrade from my previous $15 scale, this little piece of technology really makes the difference. That isn’t to say that my coffee is more delicious, not at all. It’s the same (thankfully so) cup as I had before. But the process of making the coffee is just a tad more enjoyable now. If I could afford a coffee scale just like this when I started out, I’d definitely give up on the whole $5-20 range of digital coffee scales and get one straight from the beginning.

However, I remember the high expenses that add up with all the accessories, the grinder and the espresso machine when you’re just starting out…

That being said, I rather budget a little more and get a satisfying, high-quality scale than degrade the whole process with a frustrating $5 inaccurate and clunky coffee scale. I mean, you may have spent thousands of dollars, might as well invest in a decent scale. And I belive the Normcore Pocket Scale is a decent investment.

Upon using this scale, the first thing you may notice is the sturdy anodized aluminum body, which not only gives it a sleek, modern aesthetic but also contributes to its durability. The tactile experience is enhanced by the smooth rubber and stainless steel materials, with responsive touch-sensitive buttons that make operating it a breeze. Its lightweight profile means it won’t take up much space, whether on your counter or tucked away, and the American Walnut wood cover adds a touch of elegance.

Yet, it’s not all about looks. The high-contrast, back-lit LCD screen stands out for ease of use in low-light conditions—a thoughtful feature for early risers or dimly lit kitchens. While its surface is a breeze to clean, a glitch may occur when powering on, but a simple reset swiftly resolves the issue.

The scale tapers off after a period of inactivity, preserving its rechargeable battery life. Charged via Type-C, it promises up to 15 hours of cordless use; however, don’t expect it to power through endlessly—a slight trade-off for its portable autonomy.

Whether it’s part of a thoughtful gift or a treat to yourself, the Normcore scale is a reliable kitchen companion, marrying form and function with sophistication.

Key Features

The features of this coffee scale make the process of perfecting your puck preperation and ultimately, your coffee cup a pleasant experience, both technically and aesthetically. With the Normcore Pocket Coffee Scale, precision is in your hands. Let’s break down the standout features that define this handy tool.

High Precision Weighing

The Normcore Scale doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to accuracy. You’ll appreciate the sensitivity to 0.1g increments, which ensures your measurements are spot on for that perfect coffee brew. Whether you’re tending to a delicate pour-over or dosing for espresso, every gram counts, and this scale has your back.

Intuitive User Experience

Struggling with complicated gadgets is the last thing you want when you’re groggy in the morning. Thankfully, this scale is a breeze to operate. Its high-contrast LCD display lets you read measurements easily, while the intuitive interface means you’ll spend less time fiddling and more time enjoying your coffee.

Durable and Easy Maintenance

Constructed from high-quality materials, your scale is more than just a pretty face; it’s built to last. The combination of aluminum and rubber design not only gives it a premium feel but also makes it a cinch to wipe clean. With its robust design, you can rest assured that this scale will endure the daily grind.

Sophisticated Design

This scale’s design is clean and minimalist, blending seamlessly into your kitchen and especially under your cup while brewing, making a great add-on for a great brewing-shot/video. Its slim profile and light weight make it conveniently portable, yet it doesn’t sacrifice function for form. It has got some uniqueness, as well, thanks to the wooden piece on top. However, I suspect most users won’t use it to reduce the height.

Built-in Rechargeability

With a lithium-ion battery, you can forget about scrambling for reserve batteries around the house. You’ll get up to 15 hours of continuous use. And if you forget to shut it off, the auto-off feature has you covered, helping to preserve the battery life.


  • With the Normcore Pocket Scale, you can expect a combination of precision and convenience that enhances your brewing process. The scale’s ability to measure from 0.1g to 2kg permits you to have exact measurements, crucial for achieving that perfect coffee ratio. It’s reassuring to work with a gadget that responds to your need for meticulously calculated ingredients, whether it’s for a pour-over or espresso.

  • Also notable is the portability aspect; the slim design slips easily into a bag. It’s rechargeable, saving you from the hassle of keeping spare batteries. For those moments when it’s not in use, the automated off function kicks in, preserving battery life.

  • The design is both sleek and practical. It’s not just about looks; the compact form factor, coupled with the walnut wood cover, makes it a stylish addition to your coffee station that’s easy to store and transport. You’ll appreciate the straightforward readability of the high contrast LCD display, making those early morning brewing sessions smoother.

  • Durability is another tick in the box – the aluminum and rubber construction is evidence of a thoughtfully designed product that promises longevity, a bonus in today’s throwaway culture. Plus, the scale’s rechargeable battery system offers extended use and an automatic shutoff feature to conserve energy when not in use, reflecting the smart design that takes day-to-day use into account.

  • Lastly, while occasionally it might need a reset—a minor hiccup—the scale has proven to be reliable and consistently accurate, which is what you ultimately need from a scale that’s a part of your daily coffee ritual.


  • While the scales’ precision is commendable, a troubling quirk may give you pause. On rare occasions, the power button can be finicky, but resetting it quickly does the trick.
  • It’s so small you can only fit in a single cup. This is a PRO for me, but might be a con for you.
  • Lack of batteries means you have yet another device to be responsible for recharging. Again, this can be viewed as a PRO/CON depending on your preference.
  • I usually don’t expect much of advanced features from scales in this range, like measuring flow rate, etc.

Design and Aesthetics

In the realm of kitchen equipment, Normcore’s Coffee Scale stands out with its anodized aluminum body and a top cover made from American walnut wood, offering a blend of modern tech feel with a nod to classic style. The craftsmanship is impressive; the scale feels robust and built to last. Its touch-sensitive buttons respond instantaneously and are a pleasure to use, leaving no smudges or prints to wipe away. The slim profile is not just about looks—it’s practical, too, making storage simple and unobtrusive. With an overall weight that’s remarkably light, carrying it from kitchen to office isn’t a hassle, and the silicone protective cover safeguards it during transit. The back-lit LCD screen is bright and easily readable, making it convenient even in lower light conditions. The design has a minimalistic approach which means it can sit on your countertop without clashing with other appliances or decor. Although, it might catch some fingertips easily. What might catch your eye is that it doesn’t scream “kitchen scale,” allowing it to blend seamlessly with various environments—an attribute that’s rare in kitchen gadgets. However, the beauty isn’t just skin-deep; its performance is as reliable as its looks are appealing. Despite its sleekness, some may find the size slightly small when handling larger kitchen tasks. Overall, the scale presents a harmonious balance of design and utility.


In a nutshell, its impeccable accuracy, coupled with a well-crafted design, marks the scale as a valuable asset for all home-baristas out there. If you don’t have digital scale, get this scale ASAP. If you have a cheap plasticky that you hate, get this scale ASAP. If you’re content with your current scale and it does a fine job at meeting your needs, then no need to upgrade. As always, I hope this article was helpful.


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