Double Shot Espresso Caffeine

BY BORIS POVOLOTSKY - 12 Jul 2022[updated on 15 Aug 2023]

Is A Double Shot Of Espresso A Lot?

Most adults in the US, according to a 2016 research, consume an average of 135mg of caffeine daily which is on the lower end of the recommended daily caffeine consumption which is roughly between 100-400mg of caffeine. Of course, it doesn’t apply to adolescents, pregnant women, and people who suffer from various health conditions.

According to this, having 2 shots of espresso is okay for most people. Though, some people may experience anxiety and jitteriness without exceeding the recommended upper limit, so you should be attuned to how your body reacts to caffeine. Some people can have more than 400mg of caffeine and feel as though coffee barely affects them, while others may find their bodies much more sensitive to even smaller amounts of caffeine. It largely depends on one’s caffeine tolerance and personal preferences.

How Much Caffeine Is In Espresso?

A single shot of espresso is about 7-9g of coffee and about 75 mg of caffeine. Two shots of those contain about 140mg to 150mg of caffeine which is on the lower end of the recommended daily caffeine intake. It can be considered safe and sort of explains why Italians can drink single shots of espresso throughout the day. However, if you consume two shots of a double espresso, you’re potentially consuming as much as 400mg of caffeine which is on the higher limit of the recommended daily caffeine intake.

I think it’s advised to avoid coffee consumption beyond the daily recommended dosage, i.e. avoid exceeding 400mg of daily caffeine.

The Time Of The Day Is Crucial

While the amount of caffeine intake is important to consider, it’s important to consider when you’re having coffee. Health experts recommend you to avoid having coffee late in the evening to avoid serious health implications because it can impair the quality of your sleep. Having coffee and still being able to fall asleep doesn’t mean you’re immune to those negative implications. You can fall asleep but the quality of your sleep will be damaged.

Note: My wife used to drink coffee in the evenings and easily fell asleep at night. She’d be tired throughout the day and tend to consume more coffee during work than she does today, after she stopped having coffee after 4-5 P.M.

I have touched on the benefits of coffee on your health before, which you’re welcome to read, but I’d mostly like to stress that the potential long-term damage of drinking coffee regularly after recommended hours far outweighs any benefits and enhancements. Dr. Matthew Walker has taught us how good sleep quality can enhance our life quality and longevity, so let’s keep enjoying our coffee, but responsibly. Sorry for the cringe.

Brewing Method And Brewing Ratio

The brewing method and brewing ratio can also vary the amount of caffeine that is in a cup of coffee. For example, you can achieve a 400mg limit by having 2-3 drinks of espresso versus 5 cups of French Press, versus 2 cups of pour-over coffee (250ml each). On the other hand, it highly depends on the number of drinks you serve, because not everyone drinks 250ml cup of pour-over coffee, some prepare a lower volume drink. I used to make a low-volume cup with my Hario V60.

Wrap Up

To summarize and answer the question again, a double shot of espresso contains roughly 140mg of caffeine which is safe for most people. However, having multiple doses of those is where it can become tricky and may require caution. Having too much coffee can cause unpleasant symptoms that can affect your daily functioning and productivity, moreover, having coffee in the evening before bedtime can damage your sleep quality. It’s best to avoid coffee 8-10 hours before your usual bedtime.

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